Latina Escorts in Houston Are Better Than The Ones in Miami


America boasts innumerable attractions, some of those include the Empire State Building, the Times Square, the Chrysler Building, the Central Park, Miami Beach, the Hollywood, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, the Disneyland, Shedd Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Museum District, Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park and the list is endless.


No matter how many attractions a country possesses, they all become boring after a very short time. All the above mentioned popular attractions are man-made, instead of the Miami Beach. About 14-15 million visitors come to Miami each year, 99.99% of them do not come to see the beach sand or the sea or getting attacked by the Seagulls. They all come to see their favorite Latino chics. Latin ladies are popular all over the world for their hot bodies and the ability to satisfy a man’s private needs like no other.


Most of the Miami visitors are not aware of one fact that they can get better Latin female escorts than anywhere in the world in the fourth most populous city of USA that goes by the name Houston. 37% of Houston’s total population is Latino. Surprising, isn’t it?

Why Latin Escorts in Houston are better than the ones in Miami?

While Miami is nicknamed as the “Capital of Latin America”, it might come surprising to you that the Houston city has more than twice the population of Latinas than the Miami city. An estimated 81, 400 Latin people live in Houston compared to the Miami’s 30, 100.

Let’s see how many advantages Houston Escort Agencies have over the Miami Escort Services.

  • A Wider Choice – As mentioned before, Houston has a Latin population of 81, 400 while Miami has only 30, 100 Latin residents. More Latin population in Houston implies more Latin Escorts to choose from.
  • More Educated Escorts – Miami, Florida has the worst literacy rate in the United States of America, only 37% of the people in Miami are literate, whereas in Houston, 61% of the people are literate. As we all know, an illiterate lady can never be employed by a reputed American escort agency. Please mark the word “reputed”. But there are many street pimps in Miami acting as escort agencies that might send you an illiterate Latin woman and successfully bait you. This can never happen to you in Houston.
  • No Rude Escorts, Please – As you might already know that the city of Miami was built on drug money. There was no money here before the drug business. It was like Alabama before. When an educated escort is surrounded by rude and illiterate criminals all the time that can’t go along with anybody, she is bound to become very unfriendly and rude too. Whereas in Houston the crime rate is low and the people are very friendly so are the escorts in Houston.
  • Spanglish or English – Most of the people in Miami are used to speak in Spanish or half Spanish and half English whereas the people in Houston mostly converse in English only. A Latin escort in Houston can speak both Spanish and English whereas a Miami Latin Escort generally speaks in Spanglish (A lot of Spanish and a little broken English)

I don’t think that I need to say anything further, all you gentlemen are smart enough to make the right decision.

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